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Lia's Projects Blog

Sewing, illumination and crafts in the SCA

Lia de Thornegge
4 December
This LiveJournal:
This is not a personal diary, rather I use my LJ as a place to discuss problems I am having with my SCA projects (clothing, illumination, calligraphy, embroidery and whatever else) as well as a sort of notify page thingy when I update my main site.

Regarding my friends list:
If what I post about interests you feel free to add me to your friends list. If I bore you, please feel free to drop me from the same - no hard feelings.
I use my 'friends' list as a shorthand way of finding all the SCA- and historical clothing-related livejournals close at hand for reading. I also read a number of other blogs on a semi-regular basis. Occasionally I go through the list and cull those journals which have not had any period-related content for a long time, this does not mean I now hate you, or that you must also remove me as a friend, or even that I stopped reading your LJ. I try to keep all posts about SCA-related activities. The personal or locked posts are few and far between, so friend on if you want to listen in, nothing important is missing even if I maybe do not friend you back.

The Persona: Lia de Thornegge.
Lia is a reasonably well off lady from Bishop's Lynn in Norfolk, England around the turn of the 15th Century. Contemporary of Margery Kempe in fact. Currently Lia resides in the Fair Shire of Aros in the Noble Principality of Nordmark within the bounds of the Illustrious Kingdom of Drachenwald, one of 19 Kingdoms that make up the Society for Creative Anachronism.

12th century Norman clothing (popularly known as bliauts) is where I started looking at names and clothes. The name, however, is set a century or two later with the Cotehardie/Gothic Fitted style dresses (mainly around the year 1410) which are simple elegance. Thanks to influences in my local shire I have also become interested in the 16th century Tudor styles, more specifically the 1560s, and in the grand tradition of the SCA happily jump between these time periods when it comes to clothing and accessories.